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What Does Lothian Machinery Ring Do ?

Machinery costs are the most important fixed cost on most farms and small savings can have a big effect on profitability.

Lothian Machinery Ring matches a surplus of farm machinery capacity (the "suppliers") with a shortage on other farms (the "demanders"). This form of “organised contracting” can provide extra work for members and farm machinery during the season.

It reduces the major costs of machine ownership - interest and depreciation - per acre/per hour. More efficient use of machinery enables farmer or contractor suppliers to earn extra income from using their farm machinery on demander member farms. Demanders do not have the ownership costs associated with the range of machinery they require. Total power costs for Lothian Machinery Ring members are reduced improving the farm profitability for both suppliers and demanders.

Why the Machinery Ring ?

  • You have the opportunity through the Ring to be a supplier of some operations (earning extra income) and a demander for others. 
  • You can ask which member you would like to undertake the work enabling established contracts to be maintained.
  • There will invariably be back-up or replacement through the Ring which can be brought in, in the event of a major breakdown or delay with the original supplier. This guarantees timeliness and continuity - important considerations when relinquishing ownership.
  • Peak seasonal demands for men or machinery can be met by the Ring allowing a minimum core labour and machinery compliment to be owned for the remainder of the year.
  • New machinery can be brought in by some members and the benefits of better timeliness, quality or a cheaper system can be spread on to other members’ farms who hire these machines with the experienced operator.

Existing members will find useful information here, along with forms to request services and submit completed Work Schedules.

If you are not yet a member, please look in the "Joining ?" section for helpful information on The Ring and how to join it.

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