Lothian Machinery Ring Ltd


1. In arranging contracts between demander and supplier members, the Machinery Ring acts at all times as an agent and not as principal. The Machinery Ring cannot be held liable for any damage or loss caused by any arrangement made through the ring.

2. When a member (a Demander) requires work to be done he will contact the Ring office.  The Ring staff will match up a member (a Supplier) to service the request. Demanders may specify their preferred Suppliers.

3. The Supplier must ensure that equipment is fit for purpose and complies with current legislation.

4. Demanders and Suppliers must ensure they hold adequate insurance for employer liability, public liability, agricultural contracting, hire of machinery and non-agricultural use as required.

5. The Ring staff must be notified immediately of any breakdowns on farm and if necessary they may appoint another member to complete the work.

6. The Demander will be responsible for any damage to the Supplier’s machinery if caused by the Demander’s negligence.

7. When a job is completed it is the Suppliers responsibility to notify the Ring office by means of a work ticket.  The Demander will then receive an invoice for the work and has fourteen days from invoice date to inform the Ring office of any disagreement.

8. It is a condition of the Ring that all transactions will be by variable direct debit and credit.  The Demander will be debited 21 days from invoice date and the Supplier will be paid 28 days from the invoice date (providing monies are in and cleared from the Demander.)  Unpaid direct debits will incur a charge.  The Ring is not responsible for any default in payment by a Demander

9. Rate for each job must be agreed before work commences. The Ring’s Guide Price List is available on request. (Guide prices are all excluding fuel)

10. The Ring will charge a levy on work done or commodity supply by members for members.

11. The Ring does not guarantee any member that it will be able to arrange contract work or supplies for them.

12. All work arranged by the Ring must go through the Ring payment system (as described in 8 above). The Ring reserves the right to charge commission if this is not complied with.

13.  The Ring will only service requests from members.

14. Any complaints regarding transactions between members should be made to the Ring manager. If no satisfactory settlement can be reached it is the member’s right to present the complaint to the Board of Directors whose decision will be binding on the Manager.

15. Any complaint as to the management of the Ring business should be made to either the Chairman or Vice Chairman in writing.


Revised April 2009